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Admin: Pinch Hitter Appreciation

Okay guys, here are the prompts submitted by our pinch hitters, just in case anyone feels like giving them a treat or two :)

Pinch hitters who didn't sign up for the original exchange and therefore have no story

Pinch Hitter No. 1 (wrote two pinch hits): I love McKay and Sheppard together, either the pairing or just the general snark between them. I love Jeannie and Zelenka and Ronon and Lorne. Humor is my favorite genre in SGA. I especially love bad!sex and cultural misunderstandings. Please no Beckett, no canon pairings, no gore. Please no crossovers with SG-1.

Pinch Hitter No. 2: I would like Radek-centric Gen. Or else I would like John/Rodney failed schmoop. Or else I would like an episode-style fic, with bonus John/Rodney cat fight/lover's quarrel. Or else I would like John/Rodney curtain fic with John allergic to Rodney's cat. Or else I would like Ancient technology acting like maaaagic and driving Rodney crazyeeee.

Pinch Hitter No. 3: I'd love John and Rodney through the eyes of Ronon and Teyla, who always seem to be amused by them, but any McShep or team gen is good. No whumpage, please.

Pinch Hitter No. 4: I would love John/Radek, Radek/Ronon, or any gen focusing on Radek, Ronon, or John. Crossovers with SG-1 welcome, and I like pretty much all the SGA characters, but no McShep, please.

Pinch hitters already part of the fest

Pinch Hitter No. 5: Favourite character is John Sheppard. Likes slash, gen and het. Pairings of choice are McKay/Sheppard, Mitchell/Sheppard and Sheppard/Vala Mal Doren. Hurt comfort with focus on comfort. Doesn't want angst without a happy ending, mpreg, death, non-con or PWP (although porn is fine as long as it comes with a plot).

Pinch Hitter No. 6 (wrote two pinch hits): McKay/Sheppard, happy ending, no kink or character death.

Pinch Hitter No. 7 (wrote two pinch hits): McKay/Sheppard although open to a variety of other pairings, slash and het. Variety of genres okay, as is kink. No mpreg, character bashing or killing off canon female love interests.

Pinch Hitter No. 8: John Sheppard focused stories. Open to a variety of pairings (except McKay/Sheppard) as well as gen, and these pairings include Vala Mal Doran/Sheppard (a pairing that seems popular this year ::g::). No Elizabeth, Rodney or Carson; character bashing, unhappy endings, AUs or humiliation

Pinch Hitter No. 9: John Sheppard focused stories again. Open to a variety of pairings and threesomes (favourite of these is Keller/McKay/Sheppard) as well as gen, and also interested in Vala Mal Doran/Sheppard. Asexual, poly genderqueer, disabled characters welcome. AUs and apocafic loved. No Carson or Elizabeth; no vampires, werewolves, supernatural creatures; no crossovers.

Pinch Hitter No. 10: McKay/Sheppard or Lorne/Parrish. Slash not gen. Romantic and first times. No Keller, death or permanent injury.

There's no need to claim any of these, or anything like that. Just put the pinch hitter's number if your recipient field and we'll update it with the name once the reveal happens on the first :)
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