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Fic: Midway Stations (Lorne/Kavanagh, PG13)

Title: Midway Stations
Author: sam_gamgee
For: eviljr
Pairing: Lorne/Kavanagh
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Primarily "Midway" and "Enemy at the Gate"
Disclaimer: Sadly, not mine - otherwise things like this would happen much more often.
Summary: A couple of moments in a journey.


"Have you found someone else?" Peter Kavanagh asked.

"Would we be doing this if I'd found someone else?" Evan Lorne asked, his hand continuing to absently stroke Peter's short curls. "I still can't believe you cut it off."

Peter shrugged against him. "It was time for a change. And this hypothetical person could be very understanding - most in this group are, even if the leadership is shit. How's Woolsey working out?"

"Better than anyone ever expected." Evan kissed the top of Peter's head. "But we don't have a lot of time. Let's not talk about work stuff."

Peter pulled away and turned onto his stomach. Evan automatically followed him and curled against his side. "Out here, work stuff is your life. And I want to make sure you're doing okay."

Evan kissed Peter's shoulder, then leaned his chin against it. "Don't worry - I'm doing okay. Missing you aside."

"There really hasn't been anyone else?" Peter asked, doubt obvious in his voice.

"Eh. There were a couple of mission-related rituals where aliens made us do it, but everyone agrees those don't count. And don't get too full of yourself - it's mainly because I haven't had time. And also wanting to be careful - you know how people talk in closed societies like this."

"I'd suggest you transfer out if you can't trust others here with details of your love life, but we both know how much it means to you."

"It's not that I don't trust them - I'd just rather not be gossip fodder. And this place meant a lot to you too at one point. It's been long enough after what went down with Elizabeth, I'm sure we could persuade Woolsey to let you come back - especially after what you did with the Midway Station."

"And as much as I'd like to be with you, I couldn't come back. Not full-time, at any rate." At Evan's crestfallen look, he said, "But there does seem to be another option. I didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure, but the trip back to Earth is going to be a trial-run for me on the Daedalus. If all goes well, Caldwell's going to assign me to the crew."

Evan grinned. "That's awesome!"

The rest of their time together went by too quickly for Evan's taste and while Peter didn't say anything, Evan knew he felt the same. They did their best to spend as much time together as possible, but they were continually being pulled in opposite directions.

On their last night together, Evan made sure they would only be disturbed if there was a Wraith attack. He made dinner for Peter in his quarters, then they spent the rest of their time making enough memories to shore themselves up until they would be together again.

"It'll only be about two months," Peter said as he dressed the next morning. "You'll hardly notice."

Evan groaned. "And now you've jinxed it - it'll be the slowest two months we've ever had."

"Then think about how I can make it up to you next time I see you," Peter smiled as he leaned over the bed and kissed Evan good-bye.

"You bet I will." Evan watched him leave before burrowing his face in his pillow and willing himself that this time the ending was better than the last.


"Hey, Doc," Evan said lightly as he casually leaned against the doorway to one of the Daedalus's auxiliary engines.

"I have put in years of effort and study to get my *multiple* doctorates," Peter replied absently as he looked over his tablet, "please do not disregard that by -" he looked up, expression quickly turning to surprise and happiness. "Evan! What are you doing here?"

"I'm on my lunch break and one of the newbs directed me down here."

"I'd love to join you, but we have so much to do after the Wraith attack - I'm going to be swamped here for ages."

"Okay, then dinner?"

Peter sighed. "I don't know."

"Even doctors have to eat and sleep."

"I know, but they're keeping us on a tight schedule."

"How about I bring food?" Peter's death stare made Evan laugh and he entered the room. "Okay, so that's a no. Where are you staying, at least?"

"In one of the apartments the SGC set us up with, but I'm sharing it with a couple of other people."

"You could come stay with my sister, nephews and I. At the very least you'd get a decent meal and a comfortable bed."

"Are you sure? She wouldn't mind?"

"We grew up here in San Francisco and she knows I have someone special in my life. I don't think much is going to faze her. Please - do something with me."

Peter glanced at his watch. "I could probably do dinner around seven. But I can't guarantee."

"Sounds good." Evan leaned in and quickly kissed Peter on the lips. "I'm glad you're okay."

"You too," Peter replied, dazed. "That really was crazy, wasn't it?"

Evan laughed. "If you'd stayed on Atlantis, that would've been normal."

"Yeah, I guess it would've."

"I'll pick you up at seven."

Evan grinned as they got out of his Jeep after dinner. He'd been able to pry Peter away easier than he thought he'd be able to and they'd gone to one of Evan's favorite out-of-the-way places for dinner. Afterwards, they'd gone for a walk on the beach before heading back to his sister's. It had all been so stupidly normal, Evan was almost expecting the world to actually end.

"You sure?" Peter asked again, shutting his door.

Evan's reply was coming around the Jeep and kissing Peter on the lips, his hands gripping Peter's shirt just above his waistband. "That sure enough for you?" he asked softly.

Peter relaxed a bit and he smiled. "Yeah, it'll do."

They headed inside and Evan introduced Peter to his family. Evan couldn't help laughing at Peter's surprised look when the boys asked if Peter could build a Death Star. When Peter replied by asking if they wanted intact or post-explosion and what kind of scale they were talking about, Evan knew things would turn out all right and he laced his fingers in Peter's.
Tags: genre: slash, pairing: lorne/kavanagh
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