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Title: Discovery
Author: heeroluva
Recipient: admiralandrea
Pairing: Carson/John/Radek
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine
Author's Notes: This is pretty much just porn. Contains: medical kink, enemas, scarification, fisting
Summary: It was all Ronon's fault.


Carson shared a smile with Radek over John's back at his constant moans. Reaching down, Carson smoothed his hand over the slowing growing bulge of John's stomach. Pressing slightly, his smile widened at John's hiss. Carson watched as Radek's hand ghosted over John's trembling thigh before rising up to trace around the where his tightly clenched pucker was wrapped around the thin tubing. Eyes following the tube up to the bag, Carson made note that it was still half full and wondered if it was too much, if John could take it.

Moving so that he was in front of John, Carson tugged John's head up from where it hung between his arms. As Carson brushed back John's sweat matted hair, John's head turned to catch Carson's fingers in his mouth, sucking desperately. Carson chuckled at John's oral fixation, having learned that it was far more torture to leave John's mouth empty than gag him.

"Not even half way there, John. We can stop at any time."

Dropping Carson's fingers, John exclaimed, "No!" Then again, calmer, he said, "No. I'm not even cramping yet. Feels good, so full. I can take it." He suddenly hissed and Radek laughed.

Move again, Carson watched as Radek pressed against the ring of muscle and the drops of water that leaked past. They had a plug they could use that would ensure John didn't leak during this, but this was so much more satisfying, watching John struggle to hold it. The stretching would come later.

Reaching up, Carson increased the rate of flow slightly. If John wanted it, he'd get it. He noted the sweat that broke out across John's body and began massaging his stomach, helping to better distribute the water.

John hadn't known what he'd volunteered for when he'd first stepped up to Carson and Radek all those months ago during an argument. Carson's newfound interest wasn't something that Radek wanted done to him. It apparently hadn't mattered that Carson had pushed his own boundaries and gone outside his comfort zone on more than one occasion, having been decidedly vanilla before this new discovery.

At the beginning Carson wasn't sure if he wanted to curse Ronon or thank him for teaching Carson something new about himself. At first, he'd been horrified and had wanted nothing more than to repress the knowledge. After all, what kind of doctor got aroused inflicting pain on someone who asked for it? Carson couldn't even blame in on an inopportune time, on adrenaline or a million other random things, not after the dream that first night back.

And then John had butted into what was clearly private conversation, with his "Maybe I could help," as though he even knew what the problem was.

Already on a tirade, Carson hadn't stopped as he rounded on John. "You want to help? Be naked in my quarters in two hours. You'd best like pain." Carson couldn't believe he'd said that.

John's sharp, "Yes, sir!" before turning on his heeling was the last response Carson expected, and seeing Radek's shocked face told Carson, he wasn't the only one.

"Did he just...?"

"Aye," Carson nodded. "Do you think he'll actually show up?"

"You are truly considering this?" Radek's voice had an edge to it that Carson couldn't quite place.

"Not if you say no."

"No. I won't say no. Not if this is truly your desire. Not if John allows it."

"Radek, I-"

Radek's hand covered his mouth. "Say no more. This evening will test much."

And it had. Tested them all in more than one way, but they'd come through it together, closer, more secure. John had surprised both Carson and Radek with his easy submission, eager for whatever they wanted to do to him.

Like now with John's little whimpers as Carson's hand rubbed at John's stomach occasionally brushed against John's hard cock where it hung dripping between his splayed thighs. He knew instantly when the cramps started, the way John's breathing hitched. Glancing at the bag, he took note that it was almost empty. Radek was watching as well, and when the bag finally flattened, he began to pull out the tubing.

"Clench," Radek said as they reached the end.

John's entire butt tightened in preparation and even then, it didn't stop the small dribble that followed the exit of the hose. They used rubber sheets and lots of towels for a reason.

When Radek pushed his thumb against John's hole, John moaned and said, "Please."

"Please, what?"


From the bedside table Carson grabbed a scalpel and held it in front of John's face. Normally they did this when John was relaxed, almost high on endorphins, and floating in a sea of sensation. Not tense like this.

John gave a jerky nod, and Carson turned his attention to the design on John's back, the intricate pattern of raised scars, some whitened with age, and other still fresh and pink. They only worked in small section, never doing too much with the risk of infection and other complications being too great. The last piece had healed well.

Radek wasn't too keen on blood, but he enjoyed John's reaction to it, and moved around to offer John his cock. At the first cut, all three of them moaned. It was slow, delicate work, carefully removing tiny sections of skin to ensure proper scarring. Radek came half way through, and fifteen minutes later Carson was wiping the blood away, looking at the new addition to the design as he peeled off his gloves.

Radek pressed up against his back, head tucked over his shoulder. "It's coming along nicely."

"Aye. It is."

They both helped guide a shaking John towards the bathroom as they were no way that he could have stood on his own power, too far gone for that. When they finally got him settled on the toilet, John began to whimper as nothing happened, the cramps too much. Carson pressed slightly against his distended stomach, and John sobbed in relief as the sound of water meeting water met their ears. When finally there was no more water left to expel, they guided him into the shower, setting it to cool before they carefully cleaned him. The wound looked good, clean and bright red against the pale skin of John's back.

After getting John settled on his stomach on his bed, it was Radek's turn. They'd played around with speculums at first, but the material was just too unforgiving and too likely to cause accidental damage. Radek liked to watch the stretch, like the way that John struggled against his body's signals that it was too much while still wanting more. Radek still did it to Carson from time to time, but he didn't enjoy it nearly as much as John.

Carson would admit to finding a certain draw to the red of John's insides, the way that Radek held him open to see within before working John open until he could take Radek's fist. The way that Radek would pull his whole fist out, making John's body blossom outward never failed to set him off, and this time was no exception as Carson came from the visual alone, his cock pulsing against his stomach.

Urging John onto his hand and knees, Carson slid beneath him, so that his head with positioned under John's groin and John's head above his own. It took no time for John to wrap his lips around Carson's limp flesh, and Carson mirrored him. It took barely a touch before John went off, exploding in Carson's mouth as Radek pulled his fist out for the final time.

Later when they were all cleaned up and the sheets changed, Radek pressed up against Carson's back snoring softly in his ear and John passed out on his stomach, fingers tangled with Carson's own, Carson decided that he'd definitely have to thank Ronon.


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Dec. 21st, 2012 04:43 am (UTC)
SGA Newsletter - December 20, 2012
User neevebrody referenced to your post from SGA Newsletter - December 20, 2012 saying: [...] : Discovery (Beckett/Sheppard/Zelenka, NC-17) [...]
Dec. 21st, 2012 11:30 am (UTC)
Wow! :D
Dec. 21st, 2012 04:37 pm (UTC)
Dear Santa,

What an interesting fic! Certainly hadn't considered that trio before and I've read it twice already.

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