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Title: Teammates
Author: aqualegia
Recipient: lilyleia78
Pairing:John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel
Rating: PG/Slash
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Author's Notes: lilyleia78 asked for McShep with a side of Lorne/Parrish and/or Jack/Daniel; with confessions of love, schmoop, pretty much anything with a happy ending. I didn't manage the Lorne/Parrish, but I did manage to include Lorne in the story. I hope that you like it. 4085 words.
Summary: When Daniel finds the gate address for Atlantis, the race is on to find Z.P.Ms and A.T.A. gene carriers before an expedition can be sanctioned.


Major General Jack O'Neill was sitting in The Oval Office listening Elizabeth Weir, Rodney McKay and Daniel Jackson talk, and talk, and talk... to President Hayes about mounting an expedition to Atlantis now that they had the Planetary coordinates of its location; and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat, when he heard Elizabeth say they were ready to dial Atlantis.

Noticing the movement, Hayes turned his attention to O'Neill. "Jack, do you have anything to say?"

Jack wrinkled his nose. "I do have a few things we ought to take into account before we set a date for the expedition to depart."

"Jack," Elizabeth started to speak again, but O'Neill held up his hand.

"You've had your turn Elizabeth, now it's mine." He waited until she sat back in her seat, before continuing. "I don't want to put a damper on the joy of actually finding out on which planet the city is located; but I don't believe the expedition is anywhere near ready to depart-"

This time Daniel interrupted. "But Jack, we know the gate address, we have people willing to go, we have-"

"Nothing!" Jack growled. "You may well have people willing to go, but I don't believe you have the skill sets you will need to survive." He held up a finger when Daniel opened his mouth again. "According to the legends, Atlantis was sunk into the ocean when the Ancients left the city; ten thousand years ago. There are things you have to consider, because even if it had a shield, how do you know it's still working?"

"We'll send a MALP!" Elizabeth interrupted. "If it's underwater, we shut the gate and get some people into diving suits and try again."

"You won't be able to do that with the small amount of power left in the Atlantus Z.P.M. Using that alone you only have one shot at getting everyone and everything through the gate. So the first thing to do before even thinking of setting out is to search this Galaxy for at least two Z.P.M's. And your next question is:- Why two? One to open, and re-open if necessary, the Earth gate to Atlantis. The second is to take with you. If the city is flooded, then a small group in diving suits will need take it to raise the city from the ocean floor before we can send anyone else through from here. Which also means you'll have to hire some experienced divers, or train some of the people you already have. Even if the city isn't flooded you'll probably need the second Z.P.M. to power the main systems, like the shield and the weapons chair, for instance.

"Talking of the weapon's chair, you will need to find at least one very strong A.T.A. carrier to be able to use it to its full potential."

"And how to you propose we do that?" Rodney asked sarcastically.

O'Neill raised an eyebrow at him, but replied calmly. "At Doctor Lam's request, and with Doctor Weir's approval, Doctor Becket sent us some of those little devices that have been classified as children's toys. She has been using them on the people in the Mountain to identify any gene carriers. Doctor Becket sent us a photo of the one he uses to gage how strong the gene is. We had some copies made, and distributed them round the teams, and to Area 51. So far, we have five of them. Two from Area 51 which had been classified as non-working objects, and three have been brought back by Gate Teams. One of Lam's Doctors has a fairly strong gene, so he tried them all first to make sure they were working; and he's the one who has been testing everyone else in the Mountain. Doctor Zelenka, although not a gene carrier himself, is testing everyone at Area 51, both military and civilian. From their results so far, it appears that pilots are the most likely people to have the gene."

"Well, you do have the strongest one we know about, Jack." Daniel reminded him.

"Yes, well you're not getting me." Jack shot back. He grinned at Daniel's pout, then went on, "We are, however, casting our net throughout the Air Force, Army and Navy personnel. Testing all Air Force personnel has already started; pilots first of course."

"Of course." Hayes laughed. "Let me know how the head count goes, I have no doubt that I shall have to placate some senior officers when their star pilots are stolen away from them. You do realize though, you can't have them all. They will all have to sign N.D.As and be read into the Stargate Program, and they must all be volunteers."

Jack nodded is agreement. "Definitely volunteers, Sir."

Hayes looked at his watch, then said, "Thank you all for the updates, but unfortunately, I have to be in another meeting in fifteen minutes and I would like to freshen up first."

They all stood up and shook hands with the President, before Jack ushered Daniel, Elizabeth and Rodney out into the corridor where Major Davis was waiting for them. He passed a sealed file to Jack, then silently led the way to the room set aside for beaming people to the specially built space station which would return them to either Cheyenne Mountain, or the Atlantus Outpost.

Jack stood on the pad for the Mountain and as Daniel joined him there, he said, "See you again in three weeks Doctor Weir, Doctor McKay." Then disappeared in a flash of light. Elizabeth and Rodney went to stand on the other pad, and were back inside the Antarctic base within moments.

"I think the meeting went well," Rodney murmured as they walked away from the transport pad.

Elizabeth nodded her agreement. "Yes, I believe so. I'll probably see you at dinner," she replied as she turned away towards her office.

"Maybe, maybe not. As you know they've boosted the Daedalus into orbit, and I have to go up there later to look over the results for the engine tests. After that, as we've now got the green light to go A.T.A. gene hunting, there's going to be someone flying the Gateship up from the Mountain for the hand over of a project that I've just finished for General O'Neill. I can't see any reason why there should be any problems, but...."

"You never know," Elizabeth said over her shoulder, finishing the sentence for him.

"Exactly. I'll com you if I'm back in time." Rodney replied. He then made his way back to his office to collect the toolbox he needed before beaming up to the Daedalus.


When Jack and Daniel walked into the Control room, Sergeant Harriman said, "General Williamson arrived about ten minutes ago, he said you were expecting him. I showed him into the conference room upstairs."

"Thank you Walter. Yes, I was expecting him, so Daniel and I will go and join him. Could you contact Major Lorne and Lieutenant Diaz and let them know I would like them to join me in the conference room as soon as possible."

"Yes, Sir" Harriman replied, turning to his workstation as Jack and Daniel walked away.

When they reached the door to the conference room, Daniel touched Jacked on the arm, and said, "I'll only be in the way here, so I'll see you back at our guest quarters."

Jack nodded, and leaned in to kiss Daniel. "I wish I could come back with you know, but duty calls. So, I'll see you later Danny - all of you." He grinned when Daniel's cheeks turned a little pink. Daniel nodded and turned in the direction of their shared quarters.

Jack watched him until he was out of sight, then squared his shoulders and went into the conference room. General Derek Williamson was standing in front of the big window which overlooked the Gate Room. "Good evening, Derek. Enjoying the view?"

"Yes, Jack, I am. It's not often that I get time to just stand and stare. How did the meeting with the President go?"

Jack grinned. "It went very well. He was pleased with our progress so far, and has authorized us to take the next step in recruiting the people we need. We start with the Air Force Pilots serving overseas".

"You're not going to be very popular, Jack."

"No, I know that. However, we're not going to take them all. We're not going to take everyone we find with the A.T.A. gene, Derek, only those with an extra strong version of it, like mine. I've already been warned that this is going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but we've got to start somewhere."

There was s knock on the door, and Jack called out, "Enter!"

Lorne and Diaz came into the room and saluted, while Walter quietly closed the door behind them.

O'Neill acknowledged the salutes, then said, "Let's all take a seat." Jack sat down at the head of the table with Williamson on his right, Lorne and Diaz on his left.

"Major, Lieutenant, both Doctor Lam and Colonel Carter have told me that you're thoroughly trained and are ready to be let loose on the world. I know you've been practicing on base personnel, and have been shown what level of A.T.A. gene we are looking for. Put your ball thingy on the table Major, so that General Williamson can see what we're talking about."

Lorne turned to the woman sitting beside him. "Get the box out of your case, Lieutenant."

Diaz opened the briefcase she'd put down by her chair and pulled out a box which she opened, and put on the table in front of General Williamson, and said, "All you have to do is pick it up, General. If it lights up you have an active gene, if it doesn't then, in the field, we would be taking a small amount of blood to be tested to see if you have any of the markers for a latent gene."

Williamson picked up the ball nestled in the box, and it glowed, very faintly, until he replaced it in the box. "So I have the gene."

O'Neill grinned. "Yes, you do. Lieutenant Diaz, doesn't have it all. Major Lorne, however, does. Pick it up Major."

Lorne picked up the ball which lit up with a bright, blue light. "This is the level of brightness, and above, that we are going to be searching for." he said, then put the ball back in the box and pushed it towards O'Neill. "Look away from the ball before the General touches it."

O'Neill closed his eyes tightly before he reached out and touched the orb with one finger, and they all winced at the incandescent, white glare that filled the room. He withdrew his finger quickly and waited patiently while the others blinked their eyes. "And that, Derek, is what happens when a person with a very strong version of the gene touches it. I've got the strongest we've found, so far."

He turned slightly so that he faced Lorne and Diaz directly. "The President has given us the green light to start testing. Colonel Caldwell is already on the Daedalus, with a few crew so they'll see to your needs when you get up there. Go pack your stuff into the Gateship, you'll be running the first of your missions tonight. Good luck with your search."

Diaz repacked her briefcase, then she and Lorne saluted the Generals before leaving the room. Their next task was to make sure the Gateship had everything on board that they would need.


Rodney McKay was sitting at a table in the Daedalus' deserted mess, nursing a mug of black coffee, when a Lieutenant stepped inside the room. "Colonel Caldwell asked me to tell you that the Gateship is on its way up from the Mountain."

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Please tell the Colonel that I'm on my way to the hangar bay now." He abandoned his mug on the table as he hurried past the Lieutenant and out of the door, heading towards the stern of the vessel. When he reached the hanger, the Gateship was just setting down on the floor of the bay. Walking round to the rear of the ship, McKay waited impatiently for the rear hatch to finish opening.

"Good evening, Doctor McKay, General O'Neill sends his regards." Lorne said as the gap widened enough for him to see out. "Also, the General has informed me that you have found a way to disguise this ship when it's moving over, or resting on, the ground.

"Good evening, Major Lorne," McKay replied with a big grin on his face. "Come over here with me, and I'll show you what we have come up with." He led them over to what looked like the skeleton of a very large helicopter. "This is what is going to turn the Gateship into something that looks like a large commercial aircraft."

Lorne looked puzzled. "I don't see how...."

McKay grinned. "All you have to do, is hover the ship over the floor and let it down slowly, then nudge the nose up to that pole at the front. This will engage the locking mechanism on the framework, and the pretend tail rotor will swing round and lock into place. You will then hit the new red button on the control panel, and the magnets we fitted along the inside the bottom of the ship's hull will engage. We've already run tests on this at Area 51, so we know it works. General O'Neill enjoyed the ride. Keep the whole thing cloaked until you are fairly close to the airfield, then exchange the cloak for the shield until you have landed. Turn out the main lights, and close the blackout curtain before you open the back hatch, then close it up again immediately. The tail will move out of the way, and back into place, automatically.

By the time you reach the airfield, they will have been told you are on your way, so they will not be surprised to see you.

Lorne nodded, then said, "Let's get this put together, so we're ready when Colonel Caldwell gives us the green light to move out."


"Nightshade" Secret Base.

Colonel Cohen was glaring at the two messengers from the Pentagon who had just arrived on his base, with barely disguised anger. He read the message in his hands again, and burst out. "What the hell is going on, Major?"

Major Lorne look pained. "I'm sorry, Sir. I can only tell you that General Williamson was in General O'Neill's office when Lieutenant Diaz and I were given our orders and the letter; which I was given to understand was from both of them, to deliver to you. I can only suggest that you contact one of them if you need any clarification, Sir."

Colonel Cohen took a deep breath, and rubbed a hand over his eyes. "Damn it!" he swore with feeling. "Major Schmidt," he called out, "I need you in here now!"

The Major who had been in the outer office, rushed through the door. "Sir?"

"Get word out to the tarmac asap, the operation has been postponed. Then I shall want to see all Air Force personnel in the ready room as soon as they have divested themselves of their combat gear."

"Yes, Sir." Schmidt saluted and disappeared at the run.

Cohen then picked up the receiver of the black phone on his desk and spoke to the person on the other end of the line. "Operation Black Knight, has been aborted. Orders from Washington. I'll tell you more later." He replaced the receiver with a pained expression on his face. When he looked back at his visitors, he said, "I don't think I need to tell you that grounding the Air Force officers leaves us very short of pilots."

"No, Sir." Lorne and Diaz replied as one.

After a moment, Colonel Cohen resumed his seat. "Major, Lieutenant, take a seat. Major Schmidt will let us know when all the officers are in the ready room." Lorne and Diaz sat, and stared at the floor.

After what seemed like an age, Major Schmidt, knocked on the open door, and entered the office.

The Colonel raised an eyebrow. "Well?"

"All the Air Force personnel serving on the base, are gathered in the ready room, as ordered, Sir." Schmidt reported. "I've had some sandwiches as well as hot and cold drinks delivered."

"Thank you, Major, that was very thoughtful of you. I don't know how long I will be away from my office, so just make a list of anyone who wants to talk to me and I'll get back to them as soon as I can."

"Yes, Sir." Schmidt saluted and left the room.

"Major, Lieutenant, you're with me," he said as he stood up and made for the door. Lorne and Diaz followed the obviously still irritated Colonel along some corridors, and into a very large room, which was crowded with Air Force personnel. The whole room fell silent, the men and women coming to attention when Cohen entered the room.

Cohen waved them down. "Help yourselves to food and drink, then take a seat round the table. Oh, and leave the two seats to my left for our visitors." he ordered, then helped himself to a mug of coffee and sat in what was obviously 'his' seat at one end of the oval table.

Once everyone was seated, Colonel Cohen opened the folder lying on the blotter in front of him. He took out the letter that Lorne had given to him and waved it, as he said, "This is the reason that I had to abort the mission. It is a letter from Generals O'Neill and Williamson. Major Lorne and Lieutenant Diaz brought it with them. The gist of the letter is that you are required to take some sort of medical test, which will be carried out by Lieutenant Diaz. Major Lorne, the floor is yours."

Lorne spoke quietly to the man next to him. "Thank you Colonel. As you know you will not be taking part in the tests, so it's up to you if you want to stay or go."

Cohen, cocked his head, and nodded. "I'll stay for a while," he decided.

Lorne stepped back from the table, then turned so that he had the whole group in his sight. "I realize that you are probably very irritated with us right now; and until the tests are over I can't tell any of you why these tests are being carried out. I'm going to set up our equipment in the galley at the other end of the room. I will call you over by name, one at a time. Lieutenant Diaz will prick your finger, and take a small blood sample. Then I will run a test. Do not talk about it to anyone once the test has been completed."

While he's been talking, Diaz had already pulled her small suitcase on wheels into the galley. Lorne, pulled up the handle on his own case and followed her. It only took them a few minutes to get set up, so Lorne was soon standing in the doorway, a pair of goggles pushed up on his forehead, calling the first person. "Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, please."

The tall, dark-haired man who was sitting to Colonel Cohen's right stood up and ambled over to them. Lorne stepped aside to let the man in the room, then closed the door. Diaz took the blood sample, then Lorne handed him a pair of goggles. "Please put these on Colonel," he murmured as he pulled his own down over his eyes.

Once they all had their eyes safely covered he opened the box containing Ancient ball. "Please lay your hand on the ball, Colonel." The ball blazed brightly, and Lorne peered at the number displayed on the meter. and noted it against Sheppard's name on his clipboard. "Thank you, Colonel. You can now return to the other room." He pushed up his goggles, and accepted the pair that Sheppard had removed. He then let the man out and called the next person.

After they had tested the twenty-third, and last person on the list, they were feeling very pleased with their findings. They had one very strong A.T.A. gene holder, two strong ones, and three of medium strength, that would be returning to the Daedalus with them. Lorne scribbled the five names on two pages of his notebook. One to keep, the other to give to Colonel Cohen. Then they packed up their gear, and went back to the conference room.

Colonel Cohen was waiting only a few feet from the door. "Well, have you finished disrupting the running of this base?" he asked in a very loud voice.

Lorne tried not to wince. "Yes, Sir. Almost." He gave the list he was carrying to the Colonel. "This is a list of the five people who will be leaving with us. I would like everyone else to leave the room, so that we can talk to these five people in private."

Cohen closed his eyes and drummed the fingers of his left hand against his thigh, obviously trying to keep a rein on his temper. After taking a few deep breaths, he looked at the list again, and said, "Will the following people remain in their seats. Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, Captain Laura Cadman, Captain David Kleinman, Lieutenant Mark Kemp, Lieutenant Alicia Vega. The rest of you can return to your normal duties.

Lorne politely opened the door, and let the eighteen people in which they had no current interest out of the room. When they had all left, Cohen looked at Lorne who was still holding the door open. He raised an eyebrow at the Major. "I'm returning to my office to make some phone calls, Major. I'll expect to see you there when you've finished talking to my officers." he growled as he left the room.

"Yes, Sir." Lorne replied, then shut the door behind the Colonel as he stomped off down the corridor.

"So, what's going on?" Sheppard asked. "Why are we here?"

Lorne took five folders out of his case and handed one to each of the officers seated at the table. "These are non-disclosure agreements. Please read them, and sign them. Both Lieutenant Diaz and I are signatories to this agreement. When you have all signed them, and we have checked the signatures, I will be able to tell you why I am here."

Lieutenant Diaz watched them read for a while, then went into the galley to make some more coffee. When it was ready she, and Lorne, gave a mug to each person, then sat at the other end of the table to drink their own beverages.

When they finally had the five folders retuned to them, Diaz and Lorne checked the pages to make sure that they had been signed, then Lorne put them back in his case. He took another little gadget out of the case, pressed a button on top and places it in the center of the table.

"That, before you ask, will make sure that no-one outside this room will be able to hear what we are saying. So... the explanation. Millennia ago, a race of beings whom we refer to as "The Ancients" settled on earth and seeded the galaxy with sentient life - human life. Their technology needs a special gene to make it work - it's not something that we have been able to find a way around. Some of them intermingled with the humans on Earth, and had families. As the descendents of these families, you and I have the gene which will make the technology work. Technology which includes spaceships."

He grinned when his five listeners all sat forward. "This is the reason we are trying to find more A.T.A. gene holders. A.T.A. stands for Ancient Technology Activation. So, rather than bore you to tears, I'd like you to go back to your quarters and pack your bags so that we can take you to see the Technology in action for yourselves. Any questions?"

Five heads were shaken. "In that case, please pack as quickly as possible, and meet us outside Colonel Cohen's office building." Thirty seconds later, Daiz and Lorne found themselves alone in the conference room.

"That went well," Diaz commented. "I think the first thing we should do is take our cases back to the ship and lock them away. Then I want to find a restroom and freshen up."

Lorne nodded. "I think that's a very good idea."

Without further ado, they stowed their cases away, and found restrooms to use. By the time they got back to Colonel Cohen's office, two of their passengers were already packed and waiting for them.

Lorne looked at his watch, then said, "I'm just going to have a quick word with Colonel Cohen, then once we have the other three with us we can leave."

He went inside the building and found Major Schmidt sitting at the desk outside Cohen's office. "We are getting ready to leave, as we need to be away before daybreak. So please could you find out if Colonel Cohen wants to talk to us before we go."

Schmidt nodded, and disappeared into the inner office. A few minutes later he came out and shook his head. "He's on hold on the telephone. He told me to tell you he hopes you have a safe journey back."

"Please tell him, thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused."

Schmidt nodded, then picked up a telephone as it rang. Lorne waved goodbye, and went back outside to find that they now had their full complement of passengers. He led the way over to their transport, using the remote control to open the back of the Gateship. He waved Diaz on board first, then their five passengers, with himself the last on board to close the hatch.

"Please do not touch anything," Diaz was saying as he moved to the front of the craft, and closed the doors between the cockpit and the 'passenger' compartment. He spoke to the control room, and got permission to take off. He turned on the shield as soon as he lifted off, and flew in the direction from which they had come. Once they were out of range, he switched from the shield to the cloak, and made for where the Daedalus was waiting in orbit for them. When they reached the exosphere, he contacted the spaceship with his co-ordinates, the approximate time of their arrival, and the fact that they had five passengers plus their ranks and names.

When they arrived in the hangar bay, Colonel Caldwell was waiting for them. He introduced himself, then told them they would be staying on board for about eight or nine hours. Taking that into account, he had allocated them a cabin each to get some sleep. The men in the group behind him, would show them which cabin was theirs. Lorne and Diaz made their way to the cabins they'd had before.

The five men who'd been standing behind Caldwell were each holding a slip of paper. The first four took turns to call out a name, and left the hanger bay with a new recruit trailing in their wake.

The last one waited a while then walked up to John Sheppard, and said, "Hello John, long time no see."

"Rodney? Is that you?"

"Yes, it's me."

"What happened to all your lovely, blond curls?"

"I had to cut them off, they got in the way of my work. Let's go find your cabin, and talk some more about old times."

"That sounds like an excellent idea."

They walked the corridors in silence, without touching, but once they were locked inside a cabin, John took Rodney in his arms and kissed him deeply. "I missed you so much," he said when he stopped to breathe. "I tried writing to you, but you must have moved, because they were returned; and I didn't know how else to find you."

They kissed again, and John started stripping them both, and nearly fell over. Rodney laughed, and pulled away to get rid of his clothes.... Then they were both naked, and lay down under the covers to snuggle and, eventually, fall asleep secure in the knowledge that they had finally found their best friend and lover again, and this time they wouldn't let go.



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Dec. 24th, 2013 04:18 pm (UTC)
Great AU... enjoyed the story :)
Jan. 1st, 2014 07:31 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.
Dec. 25th, 2013 01:15 am (UTC)
Aww, John remembers Rodney's curls. That's adorable. A very interesting story, I like all the preparation instead is just jumping into the unknown. Thank you very much Santa!
Jan. 1st, 2014 07:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
Dec. 26th, 2013 08:14 am (UTC)
I love it how well prepared this mission to Atlantis will be! *g* Good idea not to go there without the possibility to return.
It's so nice to have a crossover story with both my favourite pairings - thank you!!
Jan. 1st, 2014 07:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the story: The lack of preparation has always bugged me.
Dec. 26th, 2013 08:49 pm (UTC)
Interesting AU, loved that John and Rodney had previously been lovers. Great story.
Jan. 1st, 2014 07:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm glad you liked the story. My beta said I should write the John & Rodney prequel.
Jan. 5th, 2014 07:48 am (UTC)
ohh l liked that. would live to read more of this verse
Jan. 6th, 2014 09:34 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I do have some thoughts about writing more in this verse so maybe there will be more later this year.
Jan. 8th, 2014 12:59 am (UTC)
Oooo, I liked this fic very much. I like how Jack approached going to Atlantis very logically, with a focus on what they need to make the expedition a success. It's really nice that Lorne had a fairly big role in the fic, too - I love Lorne and I'm always happy when he's included. I love how John and Rodney knew each other when they were young, and that John asked after Rodney's curls ;) I'm glad they immediately fell back into a comfortable, loving relationship. It's also cool how they found John, Cadman, and Vega. This is a really cool AU, thank you for writing it :D
Jan. 9th, 2014 11:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. The total lack of forethought or contingency planning before stepping through the Stargate to Atlantis has always bugged me, so I decided to fix it :)

I've liked Lorne ever since seeing him in the SG-1 episode with the the Unas which obviously predates Atlantis so it seemed a good idea to use him to find the gene carriers they needed.

My beta reader said I ought to write the John & Rodney prequel, just for the curls :)
Jan. 9th, 2014 11:26 pm (UTC)
I would totally read the prequel just for the curls ;)
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