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(subject line because I have to add it to memories, not because I'm egotistical :D)

(Oh God, I can't believe I'm doing this. I haven't written SGA since 2007!)

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Things I'd like:

The early seasons of SGA are by far and the way my favourite (I kind of stopped watching it around the time Elizabeth was written out), so let's go old school!

Fic-wise, these days I'm all about the women, so I'd like fic focused around Weir and/or Teyla. I really like Weir/Zelenka, largely because he worships the ground she walks on, so that's something that would be very welcome. If that's not your jam, I'm happy for friendship fic or even femslash if you want to go there. In fact, I love friendship fics generally, so if you want to write about the team, I'm happy with that as long as the female characters are prominent.

In terms of likes, I have a massive competency kink, so people (women especially) being incredibly good at what they do - whatever that is - just makes me happy. While I like happy endings, I'm also fond of bittersweet ones so don't worry if it's not complete fluff. Don't mind the rating, but I'm happiest with character focused fic so I like even my porn to reveal more about how the characters interact with each other. I like understated feelings and declarations that aren't quite, quiet moments between characters where no words are spoken but everything said, and people seizing joy when they can.

I don't generally mind who else you include from the first three seasons, although I'd prefer that if you include Beckett, he's more background than main character. I haven't seen later seasons (except for the odd ep here or there), so I'd prefer no Carter, Keller etc, but characters who are gone but not forgotten - like Grodin or Ford - are always welcome.

Don't mind background slash, but I'd rather the fic focus on the female characters.

Things I wouldn't like:

I have a massive embarrassment/public humiliation squick, meaning that I can't read about people who are being (deliberately or otherwise) made a fool of, embarrassed in public or making a fool of themselves (and I get even more embarrassed on their behalf if it's them making a fool of themselves and they don't even realise it /o\). It's a visceral, face burning, flailing for the backbutton thing for me, I'm afraid, but it is limited to the kind of thing where I'd be utterly mortified if I was in the character's position (and if they're not, then where I'd be mortified on their behalf as an observer).

Also, no death fic, no hurt without comfort, no ignoring the female characters. No Sharktopus. Well, okay, you can have Sharktopus as long as he keeps his tentacles to himself, Claire.

What I can do: Early seasons fic - once upon a time I'd have tried my hand at any pairing, but you're probably better off these days not giving me anything too outrageous :D

I probably can't write het pairings for Teyla or Elizabeth other than Weir/Zelenka, but I will try my hand at femslash, and if you're desperate...

What I can't do: later seasons, so nothing about the Carter, Keller era etc. No Beckett.

Pinch hitter?: I think I might be a bit busy in December :D
Tags: requests: c: elizabeth weir, requests: c: teyla emmagan, requests: cat: femslash, requests: cat: gen, requests: cat: het, requests: p: emmagan/weir, requests: p: weir/other, requests: p: zelenka/other

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