Temaris (temaris) wrote in sga_santa,

Santa, baby, it's been a while...

LiveJournal: temaris
E-mail: temaris @ gmail
Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard. Any gen, especially team and/or including Cadman. Terrifying near death experiences and consequent schmoop entirely acceptable :-) Competence & team are the BEST.
Things I wouldn't like: No het please. Absolutely no mpreg or teen angst, please. No unhappy endings. No humiliation.
What I can do: I'll try anything once *g*
What I can't do: Beckett, Sheppard/Weir,
Pinch hitter?: I get a choice? Ahem. Yepsureyoubetcha. O.o

*puts out milk brandy and cookies*
Tags: requests: cat: gen, requests: cat: slash, requests: p: mckay/sheppard

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