ITL (last01standing) wrote in sga_santa,

LiveJournal: last01standing
E-mail: pointgoalie [at] yahoo [dot] com
Things I'd like: John Sheppard, team fic, gen fic, sports AUs, time travel, ace characters, blurred realities, wraith, Teyla kicking everyone's ass, Ronon, McKay, Ford. (but probably not all at once)
Things I wouldn't like: Smut, character bashing, replicators, SG1
What I can do: Gen, plotty stuff, character studies, Science rambling. Het or slash in a pinch
What I can't do: Haven't seen enough SG1 or SGU to do those characters. Will not write NC-17.
Pinch hitter?: Maybe. Depends on how bad nano burns me out. 
Tags: requests: c: john sheppard, requests: cat: gen

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