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Fic: Pentakis Dodecahedron

Title: Pentakis Dodecahedron
Author: looking4tarzan
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Rating: Nc-17
Recipient: hisluvpet
Spoilers: The Tower (major), Grace Under Pressure (minor).
A/N: Thank you to jo_zed_pee_em and ruthiesgc for the wonderful betaing. Rest of the mistakes are mine. References are at the bottom if any one is interested..

Disclaimer: No Original Characters. Stargate Atlantis, The Crystal Maze and Richard O’Brien do NOT belong to me, and belong to their respective owners.

Pentakis Dodecahedron

Sheppard was the first to step out of the wormhole from Atlantis, and tread on the ground of Eldred’s Planet. The sun was just cresting over the far hill, painting the grey sky a riot of pink, orange and gold. Teyla, Ronon and Rodney stepped out the event horizon of the stargate moments later, followed by the sound of the wormhole shutting down.

"It is unusually quiet." Teyla remarked, as they trod the path towards the settlement they knew was there, and the place where Atlantis’ sister city resided, once ruled by an oligarchy until their last visit.

However now, it seemed that no-one resided here, no-one at all, the life-signs detector confirmed this.

"What the heck happened here?" Sheppard muttered to himself.

"Well there’s no residual energy being picked up, along with this freaky lack of life, nor can I register and toxins in the air. So all I can suggest is they were culled."

"Seems likely." Ronon said gruffly, but still he had his side-arm out and ready, if you could call his beast of a energy pistol that, after all he tended to favour it over any other.

"Shall we head to the citadel?" Teyla suggested, "Perhaps there is a record of what happened left there."

It was a good idea, and the most likely, those with any kind of education, at least before their previous visit, would have lived in the city. With that in mind they made their way cautiously towards the city.

"You know the city may actually be called Mu." Rodney said suddenly as they were walking.

"And what brought this up?" Sheppard said keeping and alert eye on the surroundings.

"Elizabeth translated more of the database since we last came here, and then they got one of the classicists on it, such a dopey woman, and they basically discovered that the sister city of Atlantis on earth, was Mu, and this was it. However as Atlantis was in the Atlantic ocean and Mu in the Pacific."

"I dare you to say that again." John said.

"Oh quiet you." Rodney bickered back.

"I believe we are nearly there." Teyla interceded, before the gloves came off.

The lost city of Mu, sat in a valley, the side furthest away from the stargate edged onto a lake, in fact parts of the city were flooded for just that reason. When the Ancients had originally settled their city here, the river meandered a mile away. Now millennia later the river had moved closer and formed an oxbow lake. The bowels of the city had been deserted for many of those years.

Because of its position in the valley floor, silt and grit from the surrounding hills had come down and raised the valley floor, meaning that Sheppard, Teyla, Rodney and Ronon could walk straight onto the balcony of one of the levels below the tower which held the gateroom.

The door opened in response to Rodney’s ATA-gene, and they stepped inside.

"Happy to be home Colonel?" Rodney said, with false cheer, he knew Sheppard had lived somewhat of the high-life while here before, while he grubbed about in the bowels.

"Yeah. Tons." Sheppard said dryly keeping the bite out of his voice. He really didn’t want to dwell upon his time with Mara, he still felt a little used. "So anything on the life signs detector."

"No." Rodney said, "But it can’t hurt to explore a little. Which way to the gateroom?"

"Why should I know."

"You have been here before, right?" Rodney said, "Surely you can remember the way."

"I came in a different way, and don’t call me Shirley."

"Oh shut up." Rodney said, but he said it with a grin, and none of the usual venom. Silly as it was, and as much as John loved to ruffle Rodney’s feathers, he liked joking with him more. Just a simple smile from Rodney set him in a good mood for ages.

"How about this way?" Ronon grunted pointed to his left, with his gun.

"That’ll do." John said with a grin, and started off in that direction, and only just managed to hear Rodney mutter to Teyla, "He has NO sense of direction!"


The came upon a large empty room, Sheppard cleared the door and stepped inside, followed by Ronon, then Rodney who’s nose was up against the laptops screen. As Teyla walked through the door, several things happened all at once.

John felt the prickle of electricity up his arms, raising the hairs. Rodney remarked that there were still no life signs, but power was building up and they needed to get out, simultaneously the door shut itself and locked with a snick.

Rodney yelled something about dangerous power as they were blinded by a flash of light.

They were in the same room, but at the same time there were not. Lowering the arms they’d used to shield their eyes, they saw infront of them a huge crystal dome, large enough to fill the gateroom. The dome was on a platform in the middle of a pool. On their side was a dais and a small panel. The dais looked a lot like the one on Atlantis, that was in the hologram room. Indeed there was a hologram stood on the dais.

"Hey I thought I killed you!" John exclaimed, at the hologram.

"You what?" Rodney sputtered.

"He’s Otho, Eldred’s chamberlain, or was before we got in a knife fight with one of his poisoned blades. He lost."

"So what’s he doing here?" Ronon asked, "And what happened."

Then the hologram spoke, "Hello lovelies, my name is Rob, and I am here to guide your way.

This room, has been created to test the people that have chosen enter. You must play 4 games, or tests if you will, one each, in different parts of the city, testing each of your abilities. As you complete your tests you will collect key-crystals which will unlock the dome, which will transport you home once more."

"And what if we don’t want to take these tests." John asked.

"Then why did you enter this room?"

"It’s a fair question." Ronon muttered, but then fell silent as Teyla glared at him.

"What is the first test", she asked Rob.

"Well then who wants to go first?" Rob said rubbing his hands together, as his image stepped off the dais, and somehow his image solidified.

"Oh my wow, hard-light hologram!" Rodney suddenly exclaimed and Rob grinned at him.

"Well? Who’s for the first game." Rob enquired still grinning.

"Uh?" John said, as Ronon grunted

"I will."

"Fantastic!" Rob said grabbing Teyla’s hand and yelled "Follow me duckies." And took off at a run, out a door that opened suddenly in the wall and down corridors.

They ran down corridor after corridor, John could hear Rodney start to pant beside him. Despite Rodney’s own admissions, he was keeping up, albeit whilst complaining, but still he was keeping up. They ran through the corridors and even through the gateroom. It was as John remembered adorned in medieval decadence, and then it was gone in a blur, but the medieval style of decoration followed them, in blurs of reds, blues, greens and golds. Rob skidded to a halt outside one of the rooms, and grinned.

"Okay, now this is the first test," he said, and then addressed Ronon, "Now my limbering giant what kind of game shall we give you." He stroked his chin, and looked thoughtful. "I think a

skill, and it just so happens in this room, there is a skill game. You have 5 minutes to solve this, else an automatic lock-in will happen, I cannot over ride this without a key-crystal, which you can only collect by successfully completing the games."

"Ok." Ronon grunted, and walked through the door, which closed behind him.

Rob beckoned to the rest of the team to a window that opened into the room. They saw Ronon stood infront of a table, reading a scroll. In the far corner sat a knight, who was motionless.

"What does the scroll say Ronon?" Teyla asked.

Ronon read the scroll out aloud,

"To find the key, you must drink me.
I am one not like the others.
For they are all deadly brothers.
Even though we seem the same.
You must hand me to the noble to win the game.

I am surrounded on either side,
I am dwarfed by the one to my right.
I do not favour the sinister side."

In front of Ronon stood six bottles, from left to right were two small cups, a large cup, a medium cup, a large cup and a medium cup.

"It’s a logic puzzle." John said, "just work it out."

Ronon stood there for a minute, deep in thought, and John kept a desperate eye on the clock, they were coming up to a minute and half left.

"Come on, big guy, what do you need."

"It’s either this one or that one." Ronon said pointing to the small cup that was second it, and the medium cup fourth in. "But I cannot remember what the sinister side is."

"Perhaps its like the dark side, and you need to use the force?" Rodney muttered, only for John to whack him on the back of the head.

"Not helping Rodney." He hissed, if it hadn’t been so serious it would have been funny, but now wasn’t the time.

"Sinister, perhaps it is ancient for something?" Teyla asked.

"Oh oh," Rodney clicked his fingers excitedly when he got and idea.

"You have 30 seconds left." Rob said suddenly.

"Ronon it’s the medium sized cup, give it to the knight quickly!" Rodney yelled. Ronon looked at him confused.

"Sinister its Ancient for left, the cup is on the right hand side it’s the medium one." Rodney explained in one breath. Immediately Ronon scooped up the cup and strode over to the knight and hand him the cup. The knight drank the cup, and for one horrible moment, John wondered if Rodney had been wrong. He hadn’t realised he was holding his breath until the knights face broke into a smile and in his other hand he held up the crystal. Ronon grabbed it and ran for the door, banging on it to get out.

"Well done." Rob said taking the crystal and throwing it in the air and catching it deftly. "One game down and one crystal." Then Rob’s hands moved with a flourish and the crystal was gone.

"Well I wonder if Mumsie has left us some food?" Rob said. John could sense every member of his team raising his or her eyebrows in confusion.

Rob was still grinning, "Mumsie, keeps this place going, I mentioned to her you were coming, and it’s getting on, and we all need to eat."

"I think Rob’s got something wrong in his bionic implant." John hissed to Rodney.

"Bionic implant? You’ve been watching way too much back to the future, Griff!" Rodney snorted, "Clearly he is slightly insane AI or no AI, he was probably programmed that way!"

Rob was leading them back to the great hall, or gateroom, where the table appeared laden with food. He winked at Rodney, "No citrus, I made sure I told Mumsie."

"Okay, it was weird before, now I’m freaked." Rodney hissed to John. Ronon had already sat down and started stuffing his face.

"S’good." He said, before reaching for what looked like a chicken drumstick. Teyla and John shared a look, before they and Rodney sat down.

The food was surprisingly good, and blessedly it was citrus free. Rob sat there and chatted about the new tapestries Mumsie was hanging in the far turret, which all in all seemed pretty insane.

When the food had been suitably demolished, Rob leaned forward and steepled his hands.

"So next zone, next game." He said, "Who’s turn."

Rodney made the mistake of saying "Uh?"

Rob grinned and grabbed for his arm, "Come on, come on lots to do things to see, come on!" and dragged Rodney out of the room at a run.

Their feet pounded on the floor, Rodney whining about doing exercise so soon after eating, while he tried to grab a breath. John personally was glad they didn’t have to worry about asthma on top of hypoglycaemia and the allergy to citrus. He had more to worry about with this test. Ronon had been given a skill game, something he was not ideally suited. His only hope was that Rodney, could complete and survive his game.

They came to a part of the city John only vaguely recognised from his exploration of Atlantis, like there, this part of the city was partially flooded. Only this time from bad planning. The bay had been flooded by the river eroding what soil there had been, between it and the city before, completely away.

"So Rodney, what game shall we have for you." Rob pondered, "A nice physical I think."

"Are you kidding me?" Rodney squawked, "Why not Sheppard?"

"Well then it wouldn’t be a test would it?" Rob pouted "And that would be no fun! For this test I suggest you only wear things you don’t mind getting wet. You’ll have 6 minutes for this one."

Having handed his tac-vest over, and zipping up his jacket high. Rodney stepped through the door, with a feeling akin to dread. John, Teyla and Ronon were observing through a glass-less window, level to the door. Rodney was stood on a concrete platform of sorts, with a ladder leading down about 5 ft to water. The entire room was flooded. John could see Rodney’s face pale. Hanging onto the wall next to Rodney was a basket made of rubber (and with no holes.)

Rob leaned in next to John, "All the tools he needs are there," he whispered, his breath tickling John’s ear.

John tried to ignore him, but yelled. "Come on Rodney, what do you have, to get what you need?"

Rodney took down the basket and looked inside.

"This basket and some glow-sticks, or gloriously little! I can’t see the crystal however."

Ronon craned his neck round the window frame. "It’s behind you McKay, in a cage on the wall."

"It needs a key." Rodney said turning round to inspect it.

"You will need to swim." Rob said, "And time is running out."

Rodney gulped. "That’s what I was afraid of."

Carefully Rodney lowered himself down the ladder and into the water. Taking a breath he dove underwater. John found himself holding his breath with Rodney.

Seconds after he had let his own breath out, Rodney surfaced. He was coughing a bit, but eyeing the basket and the glow sticks critically.

"I need breathing apparatus, but there isn’t any. So what I need is oxygen underwater." He then fell silent, deep in thought before climbing out of the water.

"I really don’t want to do this, but I have to, can’t let the team down," he muttered quietly, but the acoustics of the room, carried it to John’s ears.

Rodney stuffed the glow-sticks into a sodden pocket and threw the bucket down to the water, where it floated. He looked up at his team mates.

"Uh it’s quite a way underwater. If I’m not back by time up, I probably won’t be."

John was resolutely not thinking about the lump in his throat that Rodney being brave always gave him. Rodney climbed back into the water, and cracked the glow-sticks making them luminate, clearly it was dark down there. He then upturned the bucket, giving him a pocket of air, and both he and the bucket disappeared.

"You can watch on this monitor." Rob motioned, and John would have loved to strangle him, it

would have given him something to do, but hey hologram. So that plan was bust!

The screen showed the other side, of where Rodney had begun to swim underwater, quite probably through an enclosed space. A challenge John wouldn’t wish on anyone least Rodney, after that Jumper debacle.

The three of them watched the screen for what felt like hours. Finally the bucket emerged and second later so did Rodney, coughing, spluttering and probably cursing. John noticed his shoulders weren’t the only ones to relax, as Rodney scrambled to the platform serving as the shore. It was covered in what looked to be pirates booty, gold, gems and huge chests. They could see Rodney searching, looking for the key.

Finally they saw him drag a buoy with a chain towards the water and the basket. Then both Rodney and the buoy re-submerged with the basket.

John looked at the timer, not 5 minutes had passed, and it took Rodney nearly 2 minutes to get from one room to the other. Then there was a banging on the door, which Rob opened to reveal a dripping Rodney, who was clutching the crystal.

"Excellent, two down two to go." Rob said cheerfully. "How about you take him to the boiler room to dry off." He said clapping John on the back.

Rodney was sodden and shivering severely by the time they got him to the boiler room, which was comfortably warm, and caused Rodney’s clothes to steam. Teyla and Ronon followed Rob, in search of towels, clothes and presumably food. Leaving John to take care of Rodney. John sat Rodney down on a bench and helped him out of his jacket and shirt, once he’d peeled him out of those, Teyla entered with towels and clean dry clothes.

"Ronon and I will accompany Rob to get some food for you, it is later than it seems, I will return with a tray for you both before Ronon and I are shown to our quarters tonight. Rob has informed me that there are comfortably large bunks in here that you are free to utlize. Ronon, I feel, is in need of company after his test, it unnerved him more than he would let us believe, so I entrust Rodney to your care. I will return soon John." She smiled and left.

Now he had dry clothes, he could get Rodney out the rest of his wet clothes and into something warm. He wrapped a large towel over Rodney’s shoulders and rubbed. Rodney’s skin formerly pale, began to pinken, blood flow encouraged by the friction. He gave Rodney’s hair an affectionate scrub dry.

"You okay buddy? You’re a bit quiet. You need to get out of these trousers if you want to warm up. Now do you want me to, or do you want to do it?"

John knew it was more shock that was affecting Rodney, than anything else. But still five minutes in cold water, hypothermia was still a very real risk.

"Um?" Rodney raised his head, but looked confused.

"Ok Rodney, I’m going to strip you, dry you then dress you. Nothing I’ve not seen before. Then its dry clothes and blankets for you."

John got his trousers off as quickly as he could, then standing Rodney up he quickly towelling him down. John made a conscious effort not to look, not that he hadn’t previously. But now wasn’t the time to feed his crush on Rodney.

He got Rodney into the clothes and over to one of the massive double bunks, amd covered him with the blankets. While he waited for Teyla to return, making idle one way chat with Rodney, checking he was Ok. He didn’t have to wait long.

Teyla came back with bread and cheese and cups of water. She wished them a good night, and said that they had their radios with them if they needed assistance.

Rodney was slightly more with it now, and sat up, to take his share of the food. John made sure Rodney got the larger share.

"Fanks!" Rodney said round his mouthful. "Sorry for you know, fazing on you."

"No worried Rodney." John said, passing over a cup of water.

They finished their meal in companionable silence, then Rodney asked what challenge John thought he’d get.

"Well Ronon had a skill, you had a physical, leaving Teyla and me, with either mental or mystery. Well it’s 50/50 anyway."

Rodney laid a hand on John’s arm, John had, had wet dreams about Rodney involving less, and since when was his mind stuck in gear Rodney. It hadn’t helped that Rodney once more had done something brave and then made you forget about it because he whinged about it. Except that this time he hadn’t, it was then that John realised Rodney was speaking to him.

"…you know, not many would do that for me, they’d just throw the clothes at me and go. You made sure I was Ok, thanks."

Thankfully John had caught up, and deflected the compliment with a grin. "Rodney you’re on my team, it’s my duty and any way what kind of friend would that be if I let you die on me."

Rodney snorted and moved his hand back, but John grabbed his wrist. Rodney looked at him wide-eyed.

"Rodney" he said slowly, licking his lips, the air between them felt like treacle. "Never doubt that you aren’t valued. We are aware of your worth."

He half expected Rodney to puff his chest out with self importance. Instead he smiled slowly.

"You stupid bloody bastard," he said, and with a quick twist of his wrist, grabbed John’s arm and pulled him forward, only stopping John’s forehead from breaking his nose by bringing his other palm up to John’s cheek, slowing and guiding John into a kiss.

Rodney caught his lower lip and tugged gently, encouraging John to open his mouth. John let his mouth open and kissed back, just as gently. Rodney let go of John’s wrist and brought his other hand up to cup the back of John’s neck. John exhaled through his nose and grasped for Rodney's T-shirt with both hands, settling just above his hips at his sides, kneading lightly.

The kiss was hot, slow and sweet, like Gramma’s hot fudge sauce, except infinitely more addictive. Aside from the occasional break for air, the kiss went on and on. He felt like he was being savoured, and tasted. It wasn’t until his back hit the mattress that he realised he was letting Rodney push him backward, letting him lead. The kiss, which to be honest was many kisses, was interspersed with gasps, but when John shifted so Rodney was no longer kneeing him in the hip, and tugged him over to lie on top of him like a heavy blanket.

He’d known he’d become hard, just from the kissing, but as Rodney settled over him and his hard on rubbed against John’s. John groaned and ground up the pressure spiking deliciously up his spine.

"Ah, uh, Rodney!" John gasped, even as his hands grasped for Rodney’s hips, pulling him closer. Rodney moved to mouth and suck at John’s neck. Air burned in John’s lungs as he gasped and writhed in Rodney's grip, slowly grinding against him.

"Awwwwwwwwwwh fuck!" Rodney breathed, "How about doing this without clothes."

"God yes! You have no idea how much yes. You know there’s KY in the first aid kit, right? You know for the defibrillator back on the jumper, its in my pack."

"That is a very, very hot idea, you sure I can fuck you?"

"Get the lube Rodney." John laughed.

As Rodney walked back to the bunk, lube in hand, John grabbed Rodney bodily by the waist and pulled him down to kiss him again, slowly and leisurely. Tonight was about comfort and exploration. John didn’t want to hurry incase he missed anything, cataloging Rodney’s responses.

"God you’re more demanding than my cat!" Rodney sighed as John rolled onto his front. "Your about as fussy as each other anyway."

Rodney ran his hand down from John’s neck to his bum, giving the latter a solid pat. John looked over his shoulder, a smirk on his face.

"My god you actually have an ass!" Rodney exclaimed, shifting downward, while John rolled his eyes.

John let himself relax as Rodney stroked his ass, gently probing for his anus as he did. John groaned into his arm, as his head lay on his forearms. Rodney repeated with a firmer stroke, then shifted to part John’s buttocks. John had to restrain the urge to buck his hips up as Rodney’s tongue replaced his finger.

"Guh" John rasped, voice gruff from the tingles of pleasure zinging up his spine, he tried to get friction on his dick by grinding into the mattress, but it wasn’t enough.

Then Rodney moved back away, and then probed inside with a lubed finger. John’s brain now reverted a gibbering mess, he was now relying on pure sexual instinct as Rodney slowly opened him up. When Rodney withdrew John whined, which turned into a groan as Rodney entered him.

Rodney, the bastard, kept up a slow pace, sweat broke out over John’s body, as he was slowly pushed towards the edge. The edge was free-fall and blinding white light. Someone roared, and after white, black.

John woke to Rodney’s snoring, it shouldn’t have made him smile. He then registered he was naked, and then remembered why. Grinning he threw his arm over Rodney’s side and went back to sleep.


The were dressed by the time Teyla collected them for breakfast. She didn’t say anything, but smiled as John grabbed his pack and followed Rodney out. Ronon was waiting for them in the breakfast room, by some small miracle he hadn’t eaten all of it, and there was still plenty left.

About half way through Rob arrived grinning, for some reason he was in a zebra print coat, Ronon raised his eyebrow and Rodney nudged John in the ribs, but no-one said anything, even though John could tell Rodney was dying to.

"So my darlings, are we ready for the final half?"

"Sure." John shrugged, and bit into a pastry, distantly related to a danish.

"Hmm a challenge for you then. I know!" He grabbed John by the arm, he resisted the urge to dig his heels in, and let himself be pulled along "Lets go then, its quite a way, even if it is in the city."

John could swear most of the time during the last two days was spent running from A to B, he could hear Rodney muttering behind about the fact that Rob didn’t use transporters. Finally in a part of the city that actually looked it’s usual ancient, yet futuristic self, Rob came to a door and grinned at him, while looking critical.

"Hmm, how long for you? It’s pretty straight forward, how about 5 minutes? Have fun!" and with a push, Rob shoved him into the room.

John stumbled through the door. This time there was no window for the moral support brigade to observe through. The room was all shapes and angles, and before him was a board with an unfinished equation on it, one that Rodney could probably solve in a heartbeat, but would take John, a little longer. Below the board was a tray with a whole collection of tiles, marked with numbers, letters and symbols. Clearly he had to solve the equation:

coefficients can be found from the integral

by taking the series expansion of about 0, obtaining

It was so familiar it was comforting. Carefully he worked through the equation in his head, and then started putting tiles into place. As soon as he put the last tile in place completing it thus

coefficients can be found from the integral

by taking the series expansion of about 0, obtaining

A slot opened in the board revealing the crystal. With a grin he grabbed it and strode to the door.

"Excellent." Rob said, taking the crystal and stowing it on his person, "One more challenge left, but first I think, lunch"

At least they walked back, Ronon and Teyla as usual stalked ahead, doing their thing, what ever their thing was. Rodney nudged him in the arm.


"It was easy it was Newton’s proof for pi."

"You did that in what 2 minutes. Most of that you spent trying to find the tiles, I don’t think I could have solved it that fast."

"Who said I solved it, I recognised it."

Rodney shot him a look, as usual he saw right through the façade.

"Ok so maybe I checked to make sure in my head."

Rodney smirked, and then patted him on the ass, "That is so hot. I would jump you right now but there is a lady present, so I will owe you."

John grinned, and kept walking.

Lunch was simple fare again, a rather tasty stew, minus the vegetables, and as much bread as you wanted. Both Ronon and Rodney had thirds.

"So." Rob said, from his place at the head of the table. "Just Teyla left, for the Mystery game, which I’m sure she will ace. However we will be walking into the old city, beyond the village so I recommend you bring your things. I won’t make you run this time." He winked at Rodney, "It is a little far, especially after a good lunch." Rob stood up and offered his arm to Teyla, "Ready?"

They reached the ancient city mid-afternoon, it looked like some ancient Aztec empire especially in the baking sun, that or John had been watching too much Indiana Jones, or Rodney bitching about the radiation was driving him insane, cute ass or not! There were short houses, most of which were in ruin, but some were still whole, it was to one of those they approached.

"You have two minutes." Rob said and ushered Teyla through the door. The boys watched from the window.

"She needs to hit both pads on the far wall at the same time, without touching the floor." Rob said in earshot of everybody, before wandering off a few yards muttering about tales of ancients.

Teyla meanwhile took in the room carefully, the platform she stood on was before a pit which covered the whole floor, the pit was also filled with spikes. A rope hung from the ceiling and two red sensory pads were on the far wall. The crystal was in a mechanism by the door. Teyla’s face split into a big grin, she grabbed the rope and swung across the room, and hit both pads with her feet. The crystal dropped, and Rodney let out a whoop. Teyla landed gracefully and collected the crystal. Rob opened the door with a flourish and a bow.

"Well done 4 for 4, now we’ll rest a bit before returning to the crystal dome".

They got back to the city at dusk, and Rob promptly took them back to the hall, where

a feast was laid out.

"I see you’ve made an impression with Mumsie, she wants to feed you well before you go. That or the larder’s beginning to spoil, but anyway. Once we’ve eaten our fill, I’ll take you to your quarters, and leave you be."

The food was warm, tasty and good, John felt his team’s spirits rise, nothing like a bit of food, to get the blood sugar up, and make them less cranky. He’d learnt the hard way when chocolate was a necessity in keeping his team happy. Sometimes he thought earth culture was a bad influence on Teyla.

Thoroughly stuffed and intent on sleep, they followed Rob to their quarters. The were in a room opposite Teyla and Ronon, both rooms had two large double beds, clearly these had been designed for guests.

"Right my darlings, I will come find you bright, but not so early tomorrow." Rob said with a cheery wave goodbye.

Ronon was already in their room, taking off his holster and stowing his gun under his pillow. John still couldn’t work out how he slept with knives in his hair.

"Goodnight Colonel, Rodney." Teyla said nodding, before entering the room and the door closing.

"Guess this is us." John said with a yawn, wandering into the other room, dropping his kit by the nearest bed, as he turned he registered two things. One Rodney had dropped his gear by the door, and two he was about to take John down in a full body tackle.

"Oof." John said as the wind got knocked out of him and a very determined Rodney was straddling his hips and pulling his T-shirt off, before pulling off his own.

"Hey!" John said, as Rodney roughly pulled his boots off his feet, before pulling down his trousers and pants.

"You undressed now." Rodney said, toeing off his boots before shoving down his own pants.

"I’ve been hard since you’ve solved that blasted equation, and also, I believe I promised to jump you!"

Before Rodney could kick his pants free, John sat up, put and arm round Rodney’s butt, and pulled him close so he could take Rodney’s dick into his mouth. His hand worked Rodney at a quick pace, as his tongue swirled around the head, pausing so he could lick the hard length.

"Shit. Fuck! Not gonna last long." Rodney gasped, so John squeezed at the base of his cock, before standing up to kiss Rodney. Unlike the night before, this was frenzy, both trying to devour the other. John knelt again and took Rodney’s dick in one hand while reaching for his back for the other, at least this time he had the foresight to shove it into an easy-to-reach pocket.

He shoved the tube into Rodney’s hand before standing and grabbing Rodney by the hips, to grind into him with his own aching dick. Rodney as usual not slow on the uptake, reached round with lubed fingers and began to open John up, while kissing him and swallowing his gasps, once satisfied he swang John round and nudged up his arms to brace against the wall, as he thrust in.

He reached around to pump John’s cock, and John knew this was going to be quick, Rodney was too close, even with the restrained thrusting and John was rapidly approaching the edge.

He gasped "Rodney." And the hand moved from his dick to his hip, and Rodney lost any restraint he had, dick bumping against John’s prostate making sparks appear infront of John’s eyes. It was so good, so fast, it was like a roller-coaster, and he was coming, hard so hard that Rodney had to hold him up and he pounded into him, seeking his own release.

As John’s body spasmed, it trigged Rodney’s own, John could feel the pulsing of his dick and when he pulled out wetness dribbling down his leg. He didn’t know why but it made the whole thing even hotter.

Then Rodney was dragging him into the shower, and if he hadn’t been so tired and sated he would have tried to encourage Rodney to take him there. But as it was, he let Rodney soap him down, and let him return the favour, before the staggered back to one of the beds and fell asleep.

After breakfast they returned to the Dome. Rob gave the crystals to Rodney with a smile.

"Come and visit again sometime, Mumsie was so upset she couldn’t come and say goodbye, but there’s been a bit of a fracas with one of the stable lads." With that he stepped back onto the dais, he had originally materialised from, reverting to a softlight hologram, and theatrically saying. "Bye-bye my darlings." And vanishing.

As soon as he disappeared, Rodney moved to replace the crystals. "Ok into the dome," he said.

"Pentakis Dodecahedron, Rodney." John smirked, Rodney gave him a heated look that promised so much, before stepping on to the bridge that had risen and into the dome. As Ronon, the last in, stepped inside the door closed. The sounds of fans stared and a wind picked up, making silver and gold tickets that were lining the floor swirl around them. Then with a flash the fans ceased and the tickets fell to the ground.

The door opened into the room they had started in, only two days ago.

"So" said Rodney on their way back to the gate. "Who’s going to debrief Elizabeth on this one?"

"Nice of you to offer Rodney." John grinned, Rodney just glared. And as Teyla and Ronon walked ahead, he leaned in close to Rodney and whispered

"Pentakis Dodecahedron." And was close enough to feel the full body shudder it evoked in Rodney.

"You are an evil, evil man." Rodney hissed back. John just smirked and walked ahead, secure in the knowledge, that Rodney’s revenge would be thoroughly enjoyable.



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Tags: genre: slash, pairing: mckay/sheppard
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